Carps in a feeding experiment

Harvesting dry food adapted pike perch

Fish breeding, product quality

Weaning pike perch larvae to dry feeds

In order to optimise well-established fish farming processes and develop new alternatives for this sector, the field of work “fish breeding and product quality” particularly deals with the biological interrelationships in fish production to supplement field of work 3, which primarily approaches the matter from a technical point of view. The main areas of study involve issues of propagation, breeding processes, behaviour and growth performance in various stages of life and farming environments when breeding species of fish for commercial purposes. The department is developing reports on breeding promising new aquaculture candidate species.

Rainbow trout in an excellent state of freshness

In addition to breeding and rearing, the research work includes issues related to handling fish to cause them minimum stress and further processing edible fish. Approaches for creating added value from fish products for the consumer are being followed up. Efficient and gentle production processes, which lead to ideal quality in the fish products bred for consumers, are the goal of the research work in the field of work 4.