Filters in a recirculation aquaculture system (RAS)
Circular tank for intensive aquaculture


The field of work “aquaculture" deals with issues related to modern process and equipment technology, including technical and biological requirements s well as business management aspects. This particularly involves the production of trout at fish farms, the intensive carp- and warm water fish production. The types of production treated here are open and closed recirculation systems, pond-in-pond systems and net cages in lakes.

Trends of some important water parameters

One particularly crucial issue at the moment involves drawing up and introducing new water-saving or low-emission or emission-free system technologies for trout production. At the same time, the ideas need to guarantee the best possible conditions for keeping the fish, maintain short working hours and provide an economically viable operating system. In addition to opportunities for introducing the relevant process technologies and adapted types of fish farming, the input, output and revenue parameters for the fish have to be drawn up or improved in production conditions in order to be able to model and predict the process and biotechnological procedures based on these conditions.

Furthermore the studies involve issues of propagation, breeding processes, behaviour and growth performance in various stages of life and farming environments when breeding species of fish for commercial purposes. The department is developing reports on breeding promising new aquaculture candidate species.

In addition to breeding and rearing, the research work includes issues related to handling fish to cause them minimum stress and further processing edible fish. Approaches for creating added value from fish products for the consumer are being followed up. Efficient and gentle production processes, which lead to ideal quality in the fish products bred for consumers, belong to goals of the field of work "aquaculture".